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Internet Services

Online Connect Time         

Internet Pricing Options...

Mainstay Communications strives to meet the needs of our customers. We are excited to present you with these options for your monthly Internet service needs.

Accelerate your cruising speed with new high-speed Internet from Mainstay Communications! 

Choose from these options: 

Monthly Speed
$23.00 128K
$36.95 320K
$39.95 512K
$49.95 768K
$59.95 1 Meg
$89.95 2 Meg
$114.95 3 Meg

Basic Installation FREE with 1 year plan (one computer)

Requirements: one computer with Windows 98 or higher and Ethernet card. Extra charge for additional wiring or equipment. Plans subject to an early cancellation fee.

Henderson Exchange 723-4448
Outside Henderson 800-868-4848


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Dial-Up Internet Access Options

Henderson Area Residence:
       $ 19.50 per month for unlimited internet access.
       $ 5.50 per month plus 1 cent per minute. 

York Area Residence: (must be able to call toll free)
       $ 19.50 per month for unlimited internet access. 

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for a new plan, 
please contact our business office at 800-868-4848.

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